Severe injuries and unexpected deaths are overwhelming in the best of circumstances. Many clients find it difficult to process let alone understand what has happened to themselves or their loved one.

We understand.

At Steve Harman Law, we have assembled a team that is as unique as your injury and legal claim. We are a seasoned trial attorney with more than four decades of experience, a medical doctor who is also a lawyer, and a registered nurse paralegal. We represent patients who have been harmed by medical malpractice and personal injury in Montana and beyond.
Medical negligence litigation is highly specialized and necessitates an intricate understanding of both medicine and law. Montana has approximately 3000 lawyers, but only a few are experienced in representing patients in lawsuits against healthcare providers and institutions. Attorney Steve Harman has an exceptional reputation in representing victims of personal injury and medical malpractice throughout the region. In addition to being one of the best trial attorneys in the state, he is also an experienced mediator and has served in this capacity for medical malpractice cases, legal malpractice cases, personal injury suits, and insurance bad faith claims.

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