I’m pleased with their [health care facility) response! I know it is cumbersome for them, but it is the right thing to do in giving appropriate patient care.! Again, thank you, Steve!...I think we have made a difference and it is something I’m proud of!
D.T. Avatar
My wife and I feel very fortunate to have had Steve Harman and his people helping us through some very trying times. He had Drs.and other lawyers on his team, all of whom were excellent at researching all facets of our case. The conclusion of which was a win for us without ever having to go to trial. I would highly recommend Steve Harman Law to anyone who has a legitimate claim against an injustice.
J.H. Avatar
Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and hear my story. I felt so much better after talking with you and Elizabeth.

T.M. Avatar
Mr. Harman,
We would like to extend our since appreciation for your legal assistance. We received our check in the mail last week from AirBnB. Thank you! We know that this money would have never been possible without your help. The kindness and generosity that you extended to me – on our daughter’s behalf – was greatly appreciated! Thank you for offering your time and expertise to us!

M.P. + K.K. Avatar
M.P. + K.K.
Dear Steve,
When we spoke a few minutes ago, I could hear the disappointment in your voice of the ending of my case after all your time and hard work. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all your efforts to find a resolution to my sister’s death. Please thank Elizabeth for me also, I wish you all the best.
N.M. Avatar
Dear Steve,
Thank you for everything you did for us to get the insurance and the clinic to come to an agreement. We could have never done this without your hard work. They were adamant about not paying us because it was handled all wrong. Thank you for seeing this injustice and moving forward with it. For taking this pro bono is a tribute to your character and we will never forget your generosity.

S.F.F. Avatar
I am a 73 year old female. I was blinded by a surgery that went wrong. Steve Harman put together a case and won for me. He and his staff were incredible, I highly recommend them.

S.R. Avatar
He did us a good job, he was very professional and personable. Would recommend him highly, good people!!!

R.K. Avatar